The assumption that mobile devices could someday replace the desktop PC might not be a figment. As shown by the YouTube video of ColdFustion, phablet (smartphones tablets) latest from Samsung, the Galaxy Note II, it can be used like a traditional computer keyboard and mouse.

In the video seen someone connect the Galaxy Note II to a 29-inch monitor uses Samsung HML adapter and an HDMI cable. As an input device, use the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse.

With a quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, this device is quite robust scenarios used to run multi-tasking, including play 4 video as well as from the native player and browser.

Operation "copy and paste" the image can be made ​​to the productivity of the Dolphin Browser app that does support the operation of "copy-paste", although the picture in question must first be copied to the Gallery.

According ColdFustion, first-generation Galaxy Note can not do this because of the limited amount of memory.

Another possibility arises from the proper functioning Galaxy Note II like the PC is doing a presentation and play games on the big screen. It can be run relatively no problems, except for a title that attempted by ColdFustion, which is locked in portrait orientation.

When tested, this device was able to play the videos directly through the USB flash drive is connected through the USB cable.

In conclusion, Cold Fustion said that, although not entirely practical, especially today's mobile gadgets Galaxy Note II already powerful enough to be used as a PC replacement. If it's been like that, imagine what would happen in, say, three years from now.
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