BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application 7 to be released before the end of this year or by early 2013, will feature the voice call. Even so, the latest version of the application is said to have over 60 million users around the world is not going to pack the data bandwidth of the mobile operator.

He explained, Research in Motion as the BlackBerry device manufacturers want to see in advance what kind of user experience that users obtained when using voice calls over WiFi. "But then we also have plans to expand to participate using the cellular network."

Told by McCann, although potentially reducing voice traffic as it provides free voice call options around the world, when will already use the mobile network, the BlackBerry 7 will increase the consumption of data usage. "This is in line with the vision of the operator in the future," he said.

McCann likened the use of data BBM7 voice dialing with voice call on Skype. "But because it uses a more sophisticated algorithm, the sound quality is also better." How BBM7 voice call performance when used in countries such as Indonesia, which is still limited in terms of availability of WiFi?

When asked about this, South Asia Managing Director of Research in Motion Hastings Singh said only that BBM7 is a global product that is intended for an international audience so that the user experience in each country may vary.
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