Headlines: Bestsellers Mobile Phone List in March 2011. Apple iPhone 4 once again become the best-selling phones in March 2011. It at once became the sixth time in succession IOS-based smartphone that occupy the top four since October last year.

Like previous months, Krusell announced list of 10 best-selling mobile phones throughout the month of March 2011. Position Apple's iPhone 4 as the physically predicate best-selling mobile phones still can not be shifted.

If you view the capabilities and features, the latest smartphone Apple feels it was worth sticking with these predicates. He broke the market with FaceTime features that make video calls more real activity and clearer than previous generations.

In addition, Apple also equip it with new Apple displays feature retina, which enables the highest resolution display ever presented on the phone to produce text, images, and videos are more detailed and sharp.

So what's new in the list Krusell?

Desire HTC, Nokia C7, Nokia 6303 Classic, HTC HD2, and Samsung B2100 is a string of old face back into the list of 10 best-selling mobile phone version of Krusell this month. HTC Desire, which became the best selling mobile phone in the UK, had entered into a list of 10 best-selling mobile phones throughout 2010.

While Nokia C7, Nokia 6303 Classic, HTC HD2, and Samsung B2100 often come and go in Krusell list in recent months. In fact, the same as HTC Desire, it was once inhabited the list of 10 best-selling mobile phones over the past year.

Interestingly, having never missed the 10 best-seller list Krusell phone in recent months and had even become best-selling product in September last, finally Samsung i9000 Galaxy S must be mentally from the list this month.

Here are 10 best-selling mobile phones as of March 2011 version of the Krusell:

1. (1) Apple iPhone 4
2. (4) Nokia 3720 Classic
3. (3) HTC HD Desire
4. (7) Samsung GT-B2710 / Xcover 271
5. (-) HTC Desire
6. (-) Nokia C7
7. (-) Nokia 6303 Classic
8. (-) HTC HD2
9. (5) Nokia C5
10. (-) Samsung B2100

() = Position last month.

"List of 10 best-selling mobile phone version of Krusell shows that the iPhone is still not replaced. Sales at retail stores are very good. Significant changes compared to last month is the Samsung products that do not survive long in the list," said Ulf Sandberg, director Krusell, such as quoted from the official statement on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

"Nokia and HTC began to dominate the list again. I think that next month there will be a big change when Sony Ericsson back to this list with the Arc. It's not impossible that product immediately rocketed to the top three," said Sandberg.

As known, the selection of the top 10 phones based on consumer absorption of casing products (packaging) cell phone throughout 2010, including devices and portable knick-knacks, a Krusell manufactured by more than three million units per year on average.

List output trinkets manufacturer of electronic devices and mobile phones from Sweden is unique due to the data collected represent the sales of phones on six continents and more than 70 countries around the world.
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