Headlines - Two New 2011 Grand Cherokee. PT Garansindo Inter Global (Chrysler Indonesia) launched the All New Jeep Grand Cherokee at Senayan City, South Jakarta, today. This new model is offered in two variants which differ only on the machine and its capabilities. The first variant is called Pentastart Limited V6 produces power capacity of 3604 cc 210 kW (295 PS) @ 6300 rpm is sold at USD 1.150 billion (on the road in Jakarta, not including progressive taxes).

The second variant uses a larger engine, the V-8, 5654 cc engine which produces power 25kW (347PS) @ 4300 cc called Overland, sold at USD 1.390 billion. Both engines use technology Multi-Displacement System (MDS) who claimed to economical fuel consumption, which is 8.7 km per liter Limited and Overland 7 km per liter.

According to Mohammed Abdullah, Managing Director of Chrysler Indonesia, both variants are expected to meet the desire Jeep in Indonesia. "This year we hope to sell 100 units in Indonesia," he explained.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Chrysler Indonesia Ahmad Rieva Muchsin adds, are now available stock of more than 20 units of imported intact (completely built-up) of the United States.

"For those who want to order, it is acceptable today," he added. Chrysler jeep in Indonesia will compete with European luxury SUVs, such as the VW Touareg, Range Rover Sport and BMW X5.
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