Headlines: Honda Jazz Delay Launch Wagon. Effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan forced the Honda had to postpone marketing the latest product Wagon Jazz (Fit Shuttle), which should begin to be marketed to the domestic, this March. Conditions that have not been recovered and normal, the reason for the delay. But, Honda promised to give out when a new launch to consumers in Japan as soon as possible.

Jazz Wagon was Honda's latest product, the result of the development model hatchback with a body length over 510 mm. While the engine was still holding the old version, 1.5 liter four-cylinder petrol and 1.3 liter variants mated hybrid and electric motor 10 KW.

Honda Jazz Wagon only marketed specifically for the Japanese domestic market and priced unit reportedly started 1.61 million yen (Rp173, 1 million) to 1.81 million yen (Rp194, 6 million).
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