Headlines : 5 Road in Europe so Primadona. Europe not only have the buildings of interest to you made reference to the tourist sites. The streets there were so many excellent.

Oxford Street - London, England
If shopping is your hobby and the chance was in London, do not waste time with free and immediate destination point to the West End. With 550 stores are lined along the street (many of which are also open on Sunday), Oxford Street is a retail paradise, and quite worthy of being called as the busiest shopping streets in Europe. Network of premier department store you can find at the intersection between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus, and just sat in a coffee shop while enjoying the pedestrians were already like a fashion show experience. From a style peculiar to the individual and tends to uphold the latest fashion trends, they had come to mean to the shopper and their purchase helps define keikonikan Oxford Street.

Via Monte Napoleone - Milan, Italy
Via Monte Napoleone is the best shopping districts in Milan and is the personification of elegance from all the leading names in fashion and design. This street gets its name from a financial institution established in the era of Napoleon, who works with the public debt. After the collapse of governance, management of national debt is one of the main problems in the restoration. At that time the street in Milan has begun to be met by strangers who enliven the city. Not just for business, but also other reasons, as Stendhal speech, "Milan is a rich republic dedicated to art and pleasure."

Unter den Linden - Berlin, Germany
Unter den Linden really deserves your attention. Stretching in the heart of Berlin at the most historic, from the Museum Island to Schlossbrucke Brandenburger Gate in Pariser Platz, this prestigious road edge by a row of dijajari linden trees that will create an atmosphere of pleasant walk between two points is the attraction The main Berlin. During the day, the street was full filled by groups of tourists and camera that looks so excited to enjoy the many historical landmarks. And when night falls, Unter den Linden indicated that the two sides of his face, a more energetic and cheerful in the presence of teenagers passing by devotees of the dance, food stalls and a nice little rumble.

Canal Grande - Venice, Italy
The most famous waterway in Venice is flowing through every corner of the city's historic landmark and features a lot of charming enough to meet the conditions referred to as an iconic building (Rialto Bridge, the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute Palazzo Dario, and only a few Ca'd'Oro for example). When you float above the traditional gondola (traghetto) in the Grand Canal, prepare your camera to capture every angle and the surface of a Gothic arch, housing a remarkable Renaissance style, frescoes and colorful houses melted into a mixture of historic plot marble and gold along the road. It is difficult to fight an atmosphere full of love when wading "street" is beautiful.

Avenue des Champs-Elysees - Paris, France
Originally just a farm, but now has turned into one of the most famous street in the world. Stretching from the famous Arc de Triomphe at Place Charles de Gaulle to the Place de la Concorde, striking a pedestrian area in Paris is really a tourist magnet that is unbearable and the paradise for all parties. His own name was adopted from one of Greek mythology, which if translated means that less is more "the place where the heroes come to relax," which was very relevant to the press because many people who came there to do it.

Joe Dassin a while never sang like this, "When the rain comes, or when the sun shines, when the bright day or night, you always have something on the Champs-Elysees." Landmark buildings, a row of the cinema, cafes, stores supermewah, Paris, and those who look indifferent, but trendy is something to be enjoyed.

source : travel.okezone.com
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