Headlines : 5 Cool Objects Tourism in Jordan. Jordan is a country in the Middle East, which borders Syria to the north, Saudi Arabia in the east and south, Iraq to the northeast, as well as Israel and the West Bank in the west.

It receives the current state of Palestinian refugees for more than 3 decades, making it as one of the world's largest reservoir refugee. Mineral-poor country is importing crude oil from neighboring countries.

In addition, Jordan also has the most beautiful places. Well It's five places you should sambangi:

The Dead Sea
No seseram name, the Dead Sea is a salty lake (not the sea, because it is on the mainland), the term sea in his life because of the area reached 76 km in length and has a width of 16 km, so can imagine if the lake is so vast (but lake This has been narrowed and the reduction of water discharge due to excessive evaporation and lack of water supply from the River Jordan). The Sea is located at 420 meters below sea level which is the lowest area on the surface of the Earth (while the deepest point on the earth itself on hold by Mariana Trench.) Dead sea located between the Jordan and Israel.

The Sea is located on the border of Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Salinity in the sea is so great it makes us able to float on it without the hard difficulty swimming, even while reading the book though!

It is said that dead sea salt in it reached 31.5% (that means 9 times the normal sea salinity is about 3.5%. Due to its salinity levels are then all objects can float on top.

There was a decrease in sea water discharge is to reach its 1 meter per year due to the amount of water entering from the river jordan much in use for irrigation purposes so that the supply to the sea is to be reduced and evaporation is very high, this is the cause why the sea became salty.

No fish that live there, and die when exposed to sea water will be very sore eyes. Behind it all marine mud has its own benefits for women in particular as a skin (Sea Mud Body Scrub).

In addition to the salt content is extremely high, the Dead Sea water also contains potassium, magnesium, and bromium, maybe that's why dead sea mud is considered to be highly efficacious.

Goa ashab Kahf
Goa is a place of seven young men and a dog who receive guidance and faith in God falls asleep for 309 years. They fled from the cruelty of the king Dikyanus (Surat Al-Kahf). cave sites in Jordan are in the township of Al-Rajib or in the Qur'an called Al-Raqim, a distance of 1.5 km from the town of Abu A'landa near the city of Amman-Jordan. The last info was found that King Abdullah to 2 (King of Jordan) was inaugurated to establish in advance Ashhabul Kahf cave and Ma'had mosque named "Cave of Ahlul Kahf Mosque" and Ma'had Da'wah and Dai '.

Petra (from π? Τρα petra, "rock" in Greek, Arabic: al-Bitr ???????,?) Is an archaeological site in Jordan, located in the lowlands between the mountains that form the wing east of Wadi Araba, the large valley originated from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra is a city founded by carving the stone walls in Jordan. Petra comes from the Greek word meaning 'rock'. Petra is the symbol and protection techniques.

Roman Theater
Roman Empire Theater was made at the time of Marcus Aurelius (made around 169-177 AD). Theatre is large and steep is able to accommodate 6000 spectators. Created on the slopes, this building was oriented north to protect spectators from the sun.

This theater is divided into three horizontal regions (diazomata). Entrance area (paradoi) is located on the ground floor. there leading to the orchestra and the other to the stage. Rooms at the back entrance of the house is now the Museum of Traditional popular in Jordan on the one hand, and there is also a Folk Museum in Jordan.

Section highest seats in the theater was (and still) called "The God". Although far from the stage, there is even a very good sightlines, and the actors can clearly be heard, because the steepness of the cave.

Temple of Hercules
The temple is located in the Citadel, Amman was built between the years 162-166 AD The temple is much larger than other Roman temples. This building faces east and can be seen from the northeast corner. The temple is supported by pillars 33 feet tall. Viewed from this temple, it is clear that this temple had not yet completed.

source : travel.okezone.com
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