Headlines: Website PSSI In-hack 'Soldier of Allah'. Official site of Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) back in the hack. The perpetrators call themselves as 'Soldier of Allah'. They change the look of the site's main page www.pssi-football.com.

PSSI website is now a black background. On display are images of black flags with white Arabic script. Beneath lettering 'Caliphate and Sharia, The Solution'.

In addition, there is also a message entitled 'Wangi Martyrs'. This message does not mention the conflict that is currently sweeping PSSI, but rather the variety of expression suggestive statement of loyalty to God.

Another message conveyed through the audio in the form of rhythmic rap song. Not much different with the one shown on the display PSSI website, this message is not related to the chaos of PSSI.

Related, only clearly visible when the user directs the cursor on the menu 'Chairman'. Then came an article entitled 'Football and Corruption' plus 'PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid and Secretary Nugraha Besoes' that has been engineered drawings as a newlywed couple.
This is not the first time PSSI website hacked. On March 8, page national football federation has also suffered the same fate. But then, the action of hackers not to change the front page of the site.

source : vivanews.com
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