Headlines: Johnson: New Forms of Terrorism Book Bomb. Councilor Indonesia Police Watch, Johnson Panjaitan, deplored the slow handling of Gegana in bomb blast cases in KBR68H book Utan Kayu, Tuesday (15/03/2011). Johnson believes, if Gegana come on time, the event will not take casualties.

"We must respect the victim. He (Dodi Rahmawan Commissioner) is also not an institution in the region he represents. What we are disappointed about it, this country spend their funds to form a very fast team, but why so slow?" he told reporters at the Gallery Cafe TIM, Jakarta, Thursday (03/17/2011).

According to Johnson, is currently the most important is the completion of the case. "More importantly, said the first case. If not, just wait for the next bombs addressed to us later," he said.

He considered, the case is a new form of terrorism in the world. "This case shows the sophistication of vertically deflect the issue of terrorism, a horizontal issue," said Johnson.

He explained that the current acts of terrorism have led to individuals, no longer intended for the state. "In the past acts of terrorism that always leads to the country. But now, they (terrorists) have started to commit terror to individuals who are considered to be too vocal," he said.

source: kompas.com.
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