One of the German motorcycle brand, Horex re-enter the market channel (after a stop in the 1950s) will market the product end of 2011 which are now undergoing tests. Muscular machine that picked up the vehicle is quite radical, berkonvigurasi "V" and have the power 200 HP, also longer in development.

Why say radical? Because, the heart pacemaker Horex capacity of 1218 cc V6 (68 mm bore and stroke 55 mm) equipped with this supercharged, inspired by the success of VW's VR6 engine. When viewed from the outside looks like a three-cylinder, while multisilinder line.

This machine worked by German engineer Neese Clemens with his business partner, Frank Fischer. The development has been conducted over the last five years in secret. "It's smooth 6-cylinder engine, but hentakannya malignant with a distinctive sound," Fischer proud.

Motor design is being done by Peter Naumann with his great work such as Moto Guzzi MZ 1000 and 1000SF. And most phenomenal BMW C1 scooter and three-wheeled Clever concept with two front wheels tilt when going to turn.

"In the test phase we want to know the configuration of the suspension, the basic geometry and adjustment of machines that fit and match," said Hennes Fischer, Head of Development Horex. Added by Hennes, it uses two prototype units with different specifications for independent testing.

So, he continued, it's the only way to evaluate the response of the engine in all conditions, and knowing how to work as of and a framework with different loads on asphalt streets. Then, to reduce the efficiency (cost), many commercial components used during testing, unless the exhaust system that seems not yet ready for production. The engineers Horex provide technology "tough rubber belt" to transmit power supplied to the rear wheels.

Horex will be marketed late 2011 with an estimated price of Rp234 million, still cheaper than its competitor the Yamaha V-Max which dibenderol Rp254 million. But, for now the focus of the company to build a dealer network in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
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