Headlines: "Fired" Capello, Ferdinand Calling Terry. England defender, Rio Ferdinand reported The Sun called his partner, John Terry, associated with the shift from his captain's armband to Terry. However, it is said, Ferdinand called Terry not to complain about Capello's decision, but advised that Terry led the "Three Lions" best possible path to success.
"Fired" Capello, Ferdinand Calling Terry
Ferdinand was injured and unable to appear for England in the friendly against Wales in Euro 2012 qualifier on March 26 and Ghana on 29 March.Coach Fabio Capello then oust John Terry to replace Ferdinand as captain. Different from the allegations of many people, Capello appoint Terry as captain permanently.

According to the news in England, Ferdinand was disappointed with the decision and assess Capello is not classy. However, according to The Sun a source close to Ferdinand, Ferdinand was able to accept that decision and now hope the best for England.

"Rio felt that calling John to talk about it is the correct action. He said good luck to John for the match next Saturday and said that he believes (Terry) will lead the team to victory," the source said. "John and Rio mutual respect. Perhaps, Capello needs a little to learn from them," he added.
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