Two personnel Band, Andi (vocals) and Izzy (keyboards), who was arrested on Saturday (3/12/2011) early days of drug abuse cases related to the type of cannabis, finally go to vote. They openly expressed his apology to the public and fans. "We're sorry. I'm sorry for those who already believe as we, parents and community, friends Kangen also, and (label) Warner Music Indonesia," said Andie at BNN Building, Jalan MT. Haryono, East Jakarta, Monday (14/03/2011).

Once convicted drug use marijuana types through a urine test, the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) decided to rehabilitate both the Children's Rehabilitation of Narcotics in Lido, Sukabumi, West Java. Andhika and Izzy, are considered only as a victim.

Apologies are also given Izzy. Men who join together Andhika taken away, hoping not adalagi other artists who fall because of drugs. "It's still a stage rehabilitated. I'm sorry we disappointed you all. We call on other artist friends, never used drugs, drugs is cruel," he regretted.

On the same occasion, Director of BNN Benny Mamoto, also appealed to artists who are still using drugs to make it mandatory to report before their arrest due to continued stubborn."We're still processing the Government are obliged to report those who abuse drugs in the clinic or hospital which is appointed. If found to wear again, given the opportunity two times, if only the third time in the process in court," said Benny.
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